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Nicki Minaj: Wardrobe Malfunction (Uncensored Photos & Video)

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Popular singer NICKI MINAJ was on Good Morning America today and performed to a full crowd, in New York’s Central Park.  She rocked the stage as thousands of fans cheered her on.  But what GMA did not count on, was her “Janet Jackson style” wardrobe malfunction.

Minaj jumped around the stage in excitement, which caused her low-cut outfit to dip, exposing more than the network would like to see.  Unfortunately, the required delay must not have been in place, because some viewers on the east coast saw more than they bargained for—and so early in the morning!

Let’s see if this gets blown out of proportion the same way as Janet Jackson’s mishap, or swept under the carpet.  GMA has apologized, but with a large portion of Nicki Manaj fans being screaming teens, parents are certain to express outrage.  Will the network get fined as others have in the past?

One things for certain, Nicki Manaj fans will still love her and could care less if she flashed them in the park!

Do you believe American’s go overboard with “wardrobe malfunctions”?  Europe has been more “free” with body image for many years and it does not seem to be such a big deal there.  Are we too stiff?

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