Leonardo DiCaprio's Relationships With His Leading Ladies Explained

Leonardo DiCaprio has a fan in, well, almost everyone. The actor has starred in dozens of films over the course of his career, and he's routinely been

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Teen Mom: The Most Scandalous Cast Members

MTV's "Teen Mom" is a reality show staple, having been on the air for over a decade. The show follows the lives of young mothers as they navigate the

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Jill Scott: What Most People Don't Know About The Elusive Singer

Before Jill Scott was a star, she was an only child being raised by her mother and grandmother in Philadelphia. "I was treated as a princess, with roo

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Advice We Learned From Martha Stewart That You Should Totally Avoid

Martha Stewart has made a name for herself — not to mention an astounding estimated net worth — in the art of domesticity. Have a question about towel

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The Transformation Of Zendaya From 13 To 25 Years Old

Whether you're following her career or not, it's impossible to miss Zendaya. With nearly 150 million followers on Instagram and over 21 million on Twi

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What You Don't Know About Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko, often referred to as the "Lesbian Jesus," is a woman of many talents and has been on the entertainment scene for longer than you probab

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The Untold Truth Of Olivia DeJonge

The following article includes mentions of televised domestic abuse. The land down under has blessed Tinseltown with a plethora of A-list talent. From

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Stars From Diff'rent Strokes You Didn't Know Died

The '70s were certainly a progressive period for African-American presence on prime-time TV, with most show casts allowing for more regular Black acto

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Britney Spears' Most Bizarre Behavior On Social Media

It's pretty safe to say that Britney Spears' social media accounts are, well, unique. The free spirited star often lets fans in on her most innermost

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A Complete Timeline Of Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain's Relationship

This article contains references to drug use, mental health issues, and suicide. Is there any celeb couple who encapsulates the archetypal rockstar ro

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