Reality stars are always introducing us to new plastic surgery trends, from fancy new injectables to procedures that sound more like they belong in a spaceship than a doctor's office. Brandi Glanville, the former Real Housewife who keeps on giving, did just that when she announced on Twitter that she'd gotten a liposuction procedure in a relatively NSFW area.

"Yes I had laser Lipo on my fupa," she tweeted in late July, referring to the Urban Dictionary description of the area of the stomach right below the bellybutton. "I wasn't cut open and I was awake the entire time." This, naturally, raised our curiosity — and not just because, as Glanville also noted in her tweet, she'd previously said she'd never get liposuction. "Guess what people are allowed to change their mind," she wrote. "I always said when I do anything I will be the first to tell you all." (That's certainly true.)

Anyway, we wanted to know more about this fat-sucking space laser, so we went to an expert, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Satey. "Laser liposuctioning has actually been around for quite some time," Satey exclusively informs Nicki Swift. "It works by using heat energy to dislodge and kill the fat cells." Tell us more...

Laser liposuctioning can be 'great' for low amounts of body fat

According to Dr. Sean Satey, using the laser's heat energy to dislodge fat cells makes them easier to remove, which means there's no need for general anesthesia. "The procedure is great for low to moderate amounts of body fat, with smaller areas," Satey tells Nicki Swift. "Traditional liposculpting is better for patients that have larger amounts of body fat, and want more immediate results. In addition, there is no associated skin tightening. However, far more fat can be extracted."

"RHOBH" star Brandi Glanville said she got the procedure done on her "FUPA," which Satey (politely) calls the "Fatty Upper Pubic Area." He adds that this is pretty standard. "This procedure is often combined with liposculpting of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks to allow for a beautiful and harmonious flow." 

On "Watch What Happens Live" in July (via Page Six), Glanville explained why she decided to get the procedure done in her typical style. "Everyone was saying, 'Are you pregnant?'" she told Andy Cohen. "But I'm like, you know what? I'm gonna gift myself. So I have a garment on that I can barely breathe in, but I'm here." Live your life, girl.