Between her work in film, TV, Broadway, the fashion world, and the kitchen, Haylie Duff has created a space for herself in the entertainment world, much like her younger sister Hilary. Though Haylie, who recently moved to Texas with her family, is staying busy with a number of projects on her own — including a new partnership with Nutro Ultra on upscale doggy dining Barkuterie Boards — we must admit there's something special about seeing the two Duff sisters share the screen. And as the "7th Heaven" alum told Nicki Swift in an exclusive interview, she agrees.

The sisters haven't starred in any projects together since 2006's "Material Girls" — a classic in the mid-aughts pop culture canon — and Haylie shared that the film is "one of those things that people constantly quote" to her and "it always just makes [her] laugh." Billed as a modern, valley girl take on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," "Material Girls" followed the siblings as wealthy socialites whose lifestyles are threatened when a scandal rocks their late father's cosmetic line. The two filmed the movie — and recorded a deliciously addictive cover of Madonna's hit for its soundtrack — when they were only teenagers. "I feel like we were so young making that movie, we didn't necessarily realize kind of the specialness of being able to make a movie together as sisters," Haylie said. "Looking back, it's one of my favorite experiences."

Haylie Duff would be "open" to a sequel

One could only assume that just like their real life counterparts, the Duff sisters' "Material Girls" characters Ava and Tanzie Marchetta have certainly grown up, and while Haylie "[doesn't] know" if we'll ever see a sequel, she admitted it "would be so fun." Never say never! "I think that we would be open to it and excited about it," she added. "But yeah, I don't know."

Though plans for Hilary's reboot of "Lizzie McGuire" for Disney+ were scrapped, she's certainly busy filming "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff "How I Met Your Father," and Haylie recently wrapped a Lifetime movie "Blending Christmas" for the upcoming holiday season, as well "The Baby Pact," a sequel to 2014's "The Wedding Pact." Oh yeah, and on top of their busy careers, they're both moms! Perhaps catching up with the Marchetta sisters as mothers is a bit of a pipe dream — but we're holding out hope! Regardless, we're sure they're keeping a good eye on daddy's TiVo!

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